Dedicated Servers

Fully managed dedicated server hosting giving you the most performance and control. They do not use any virtualization or sharing technology that might make you dependent on the usage by other clients. Our servers are designed to meet the highest industrial standards and to minimize energy consumption. They deliver optimal service quality while using little energy for their manufacturing, maintenance, and operation. Last but not least, the servers optimized for security and performance.





Discover Dedicated Servers Features

Optimized Web & MySQL Servers

We optimized your server for your needs. We run the lastest software for web server and sql databases.

Customer Support

– Online Help Center and Ticketing System
– Free Helpdesk

Security Protection

We help protect your emails, websites, data from spam, virus and malware.

Tube Script Ready

We will configure your server in order you to be able to run any tube script.

We can offer customized servers based on your specific needs. Please contact us and our representatives will be able to help you to choose the best solution.