Managed VPS

Managed VPS Hosting

Managed VPS Hosting is the ideal solution both websites and  mobile apps. Our team of experts will take care of your VPS server. We will setup your server initially, keep all server software always up-to-date, monitor 24/7 the performance of your machine and react immediately in case of an issue. In addition we provide a lot of highly innovative proprietary software to boost your server performance and give you more functionality than anyone else.





What is a full managed VPS?

With our fully managed vps package your server or VPS will be configured and maintain by our linux system administrators using best practices for best performance and security. All necessary packages will be installed on your demand. The standard setup contains all necessary packages to run a website under best performance and best security practices. We use Nginx, PHP-FPM, MySQL, Pure-FTPD, custom firewall.

Our average setup time is 4-6 hours and we provision seven days a week. This timeframe can vary depending on the workload on the day you order and also the setup you choose. We always do our best to provision new packages as quickly as possible!

You can choose between:
– LEMP (Nginx ,MySQL, PHP) or LAMP (Apache, MySQL, PHP) or even a hybrid one like (Nginx in front of Apache, MySQL, PHP) ;
– different versions of PHP (5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5) ;
– different versions of MySQL server (5.1, 5.5, 5.6) ;
– install a monitor system to graph everything on your vps (number of MySQL queries, number of HTTP acceses, memory usage and  lots of more features ) .

Managed TempleNode VPS Features

  • Centos x64 OS
  • Fully Managed by Our Team
  • Custom Setup
  • Kernel Updates
  • Operating System Updates
  • Online Help Center and Ticketing System
  • Free Helpdesk
  • Best Effort 3rd Party Support
  • Blazing Fast Cloud Technology
  • Tier-1 Bandwidth
  • KVM Virtualization
  • SSD Hard Drives
  • Amazing Hardware
  • 99% Uptime SLA
  • Trusted Network Providers
  • Multiple Data Center Locations

Because we want to keep your system clean and with best performance each plans came with DNS management tool directly in your client account.