Our Infrastructure


Our entire hosting infrastructure is built on state of the art hardware and protected by the best-of-breed network security solutions. TempleNode’s network equipment consists of the best-of-breed hardware. We are continually evaluating new hardware to increase our network performance, stability and Quality of Service (QoS). Research and development is a continuous process at TempleNode.

The quality and reliability of our network translates into improved operations for our customers. We maximize the use of our network to ensure the most cost-effective service is passed along to our customers. Our servers are using powerful server processors like Intel Xeon and AMD Opteron with ECC Memory and run on SaS or SSD HardDisk. We run independent nameservers infrastructure for best performance and our backups are stored on remote servers for better security and reliability.

The real foundation of our services, however, is our experienced team that keeps the entire system several steps ahead of the curve.